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Selecting an attorney can be extremely important in the success of your personal injury case. We have compiled a list of some things to consider. Whether you have been involved in a vehicle crash, injured in slip and fall, or other situation, your selection of an attorney is important.

Where is the lawyer located?

While many out of state attorneys can represent you in West Virginia, they may not understand the legal and cultural environment of West Virginia. These and other local factors can play a huge part in any personal injury case.

What is the firm’s reputation?

With the advent of social media and online reviews, it is easier than ever to determine what other clients truly think of any business, especially law firms. Search not only for the specific attorney you are considering, but also the entire firm. Support staff and other attorneys are an important part of any case.

Bigger firms do not always mean better service. Smaller firms often serve fewer clients, but often dedicate more time and resources to their cases.

Has the attorney handled similar cases?

While attorneys may not reveal the specific details of their previous cases, they can demonstrate their knowledge and experience. Your attorney should have experience with the general type of cases you are involved in. For example, if you were injured in a vehicle crash, the attorney should be experienced with the specifics of those injuries.

Do you relate to the individual?

When you meet with a prospective attorney, be sure you can see yourself working closely with the individual. Does he/she explain things clearly? How long has he/she practiced law?

Would you feel comfortable calling the person or their staff if a problem or question arises?

How often will you be updated?

Be sure to ask about the frequency of updating for your case, as well as how communications are handled. Knowing what to expect can reduce frustrations for the client and the staff.

What is the cost?

Be sure to discuss the financial aspect of your case when selecting an attorney. Ask if you will be required to pay for any services up front, or will payment be taken from the final settlement. Also, be sure to clarify the percentage of fee and expenses that will be paid to the attorney from the settlement.

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