Dealing with insurance claims can be frustrating and confusing. You need a professional representative with the knowledge to navigate a difficult situation for you and get what you deserve.

African American man with his face in his handsAfter a catastrophic event, such as a house fire, you can quickly be overwhelmed with tasks needed to get back to normal. It can be difficult for individuals to get the benefits they are entitled to after a loss to their car or home.

Insurance claims, delays, and denials can be confusing when you are already dealing with a major life-changing situation. While you may feel hopeless and defeated, you may have options. Tammy Bowles Raines can explain your rights under West Virginia law. She will work with you to sort out the claim and to ensure the insurance company is providing the coverage spelled out in the policy, as well as in accordance with the laws governing insurance disputes.

In some situations, insurance companies may go so far as to illegally cancel your coverage. Laws specifically dictate when and why insurance coverage can be cancelled.

Don’t deal with these situations alone. You need an expert who fights for your rights and ensures you receive what you deserve. Contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free consultation.

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