Hurt in a wreck? Don't wait to Call an Attorney

“I was in an automobile wreck, but I’ll call an attorney when things get back to normal.”  We hear this quite often, but it’s not a good idea.  If you have been in an automobile wreck, don’t wait. While it may not seem that important with so many other things happening, you can actually damage your claim by waiting.

  • Insurance companies have staff who immediately document and evaluate any claims, in an effort to minimize their costs. When you wait to address your situation, you are several steps behind the professionals.
  • It is easy to forget important details of the incident. Often these details don’t even seem important to those involved, but a personal injury attorney will see their value.
  • Gathering information from those involved in the wreck and from witnesses only gets harder with time.

If you are not comfortable meeting with an attorney in person, we understand. Contact us and we will arrange a face to face web-based meeting or a phone conference. Remember, our consultations are free. So, give us a call even if you aren’t sure you need an attorney.