You’ve been involved in a car wreck. Through no fault of your own, your new car is now seriously damaged and is not drivable. The other person’s insurance company has agreed to providing a rental car for you and seem to be concerned with your health. So, you don’t need an attorney, right?  WRONG!

The insurance company and their staff are paid to represent the best interest of the company and their insured  driver – not you. Having someone who is dedicated to your best interest can make a huge difference. Studies by the Insurance Research Council show that an increasing number of injured claimants are hiring an attorney to represent them. And with good reason.

Historically, claimants who are represented by an attorney receive considerably more compensation, up to 5 times more by some measures! 

A personal injury attorney understands what is fair and reasonable compensation for your situation and will work hard to ensure you receive it.  Attorneys are experienced dealing with the insurance companies and courts to ask the right questions, provide proper documentation and represent you interests.

If you have been injured in a wreck caused by another driver, don’t wait. Contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free, no obligation consultation. She will evaluate your situation and tell you if she can help.