Winter is here!  While we would all like to hibernate until the winter weather passes, work and other priorities require us to leave our cozy homes and drive, often in challenging weather.  Here are a few things to NOT do during cold, icy weather:


  • Don’t Forget to Allow Extra Time.  During winter weather, be sure to allow extra travel time. Slow going is a given during winter storms and you will need to allow extra time to work or other activities.
  • Don’t Drive with Icy Windows or Snow-Covered Roofs.  Allow extra time to preheat and clear your vehicle of snow and ice. While it’s tempting to let the defrosters handle it while you drive, frozen windshields and snow-covered vehicles can impair your ability to see properly while driving creating a dangerous situation for you and other drivers.

    Flying snow from your vehicle can affect those driving behind you, sometimes causing wrecks. As your car warms, snow can also slide down onto your windshield, blocking your vision.

  • Don’t Tailgate.  While it’s always good advice, not tailgating is especially important during icy road conditions. Stop times are considerably longer on icy roads, so be sure to allow some extra room for the vehicle in front of you.
  • Don’t Speed.  Again, obeying speed limits is always a good idea. During snowy and icy road conditions, you should slow down even further. The faster you drive, the more likely you are to lose control of your vehicle and cause an accident. 
  • Don’t Drive with High Beams.  While it can be tempting to turn you your headlights on high during blowing snow or rain, it really isn’t’ helpful for anyone.  The light reflects off the blowing snow or ice at a different angle causing worse visibility for the driver.  Oncoming drivers will thank you as well. High beam headlights can blind those drivers, causing them to suddenly brake and skid on the ice.
  • Don’t Ignore Other Drivers. When driving on bad road conditions, keep in mind that other drivers are in the same predicament. While you may be experienced on bad roads, drivers around you may not.  Avoiding an accident is always the best choice when possible.

Driving in winter weather can be challenging. Staying calm and taking it slow are your best options for making it to your destination safely.

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