You’ve been in a vehicle wreck…or maybe you were injured in a local business… Whatever the case, you have suffered injuries and/or loss because of the negligence of others. You contact our attorney and decide to hire our firm to represent you. Now, what happens?

For those who have never dealt with these situations, legal proceedings can be intimidating and confusing. Our job as your attorney is to represent your rights while keeping you updated and informed at every step of the process.

When you chose to hire Tammy Bowles Raines to represent you, you will sign all the necessary paperwork so that she can handle all of the details of the case, leaving you free to worry about recovering your health and other aspects of your life.

You will no longer have to deal directly with insurance companies or adjusters regarding your claim. All calls will be handled by our office on your behalf.  Any forms or needed information will be provided by our office. If you do receive any correspondence, just let our office know as soon as possible. If you receive any emails or phone calls, direct them to contact our office.

Our staff will stay in contact with you regarding your case whenever needed. We will answer any questions, explain any proceedings and work with all parties involved to get the results that are in your best interest.

If you are confused or concerned about your personal injury claim, don’t wait. Contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free consultation.