What are Nursing Homes Responsible for providing for my loved one?

As our family members age, they often need more care than is possible at home. Nursing Homes and Extended Care Homes abound in West Virginia.  By law, these facilities are responsible for both the physical and mental well-being of their residents. This includes the residents’ day-to-day care:

  • Appropriate staff (number of staff, as well as training)
  • Nutritious foods
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Over the counter and prescription medicines administered as directed by the patient’s doctor
  • Support as needed for the patient to perform daily tasks to reduce the likelihood of loss of these abilities (eating, bathing, dressing, social interactions, etc.)
  • Mental monitoring for issues such as depression, isolation and deterioration
  • Respect and dignity for each patient

If you suspect your loved one is not being cared for properly in an extended care facility, contact Tammy Bowles Raines Law Offices. We can work with you to ensure your loved one gets the care and treatment they deserve.