With warmer weather and vacations here, many families will be packing up and hitting the road. Don’t let your fun family vacation turn into a nightmare. Use these precautions to keep your trip safe and relaxing:

Plan Ahead.  Don’t announce to everyone around you that you are a tourist. Many criminals target tourists as easy theft targets. Plan your route before leaving or stop in a business to ask directions.

Keep Your Money Hidden. Don’t make it too obvious where your money is kept. Instead of an obvious fanny pack, use a hidden compartment in your belt or another inconspicuous hiding place.

Be on alert. Don’t let your guard down when walking in public. Thieves often target busy tourist destinations and can steal your belongings before you realize what’s happened.

Be cautious in your hotel room. Don’t automatically answer the door to your hotel room, even if the person says they are with the hotel. If you haven’t ordered room service, don’t open the door for them. Call the front desk to verify any other visitors.

Don’t leave valuable out in plain sight in your hotel room. Electronics, credit cards, passports and other valuables are easily hidden. Tuck them safely away in the hotel safe. Don’t take chances.

Don’t broadcast your trip on social media.   While it might be fun to Instagram or Tweet photos from your trip, don’t!  You are advertising that your home is most likely empty and vulnerable to break in.Wait until you return home to share the details of your trip.