Many automobile collisions happen at low speeds, while parking or manipulating parking areas. These wrecks can cause serious injuries and a great deal of vehicle damage. Here are some tips to help you avoid backing auto collisions.


Pay Attention

Many crashes are caused by drivers not paying attention to their surroundings. Either they are in a rush or distracted. Before putting your car in reverse, make sure you have the interior of your car set, including connecting your cell phone to Bluetooth, placing any bags in the floor and fastening your seatbelt. 


Look Around

Before moving your car, take note of your surroundings, including any stationary objects (poles, fences, etc), pedestrians and other vehicles. If you have a backup camera on your vehicle, be sure to use it! These cameras are designed to help you see blind spots when driving in reverse.


Slow Down!

Many collisions are caused by drivers in a hurry. Be sure to leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination. In a situation where you are running late, it’s better to arrive a few minutes after an appointment than to be involved in an automobile collision along the way.

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