Spring maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly.Winter snow and salt can leave our vehicles with a less than appealing, dirty appearance. In addition to cleaning off the grunge of winter, Spring is the perfect time for some basic vehicle maintenance to keep your car running at it’s best. We typically clean the exterior and interior of our car when the weather warms, but there’s more to be done. Here are some general guidelines to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

  • First, check your owner’s manual for a maintenance checklist. In addition to routine oil changes and other checks, be sure to look for other items that can be overlooked.
  • Have a flush and fill done for your cooling system (radiator) if recommended. Check levels and concentration of the coolant.
  • Change the oil, filters and other fluids according to the recommended schedule. Be sure to replace air and fuel filters as recommended.
  • Have a qualified technician check belts, clamps, and hoses for wear and tighten where appropriate. Cold, harsh weather can cause these items to wear more quickly.
  • Check all bulbs and lights to be sure they are working properly. Also check for wear and pressure levels on tires, including your spare.
  • Ice and snow can take its toll on wiper blades. Replace worn blades and make sure washer fluid is full.