Should you accept the settlement offered from an Insurance Company? | Tammy Bowles Raines Law Offices, PLLC Charleston, WV

When you drive to work in the mornings, visit a grocery store or go to the hospital or clinic, you expect other citizens to use caution and exercise their duty of care.


Unfortunately, automobile collisions, slip and falls and even medical malpractice errors arise, causing pain, suffering and even long-term damage to the person and their family. Whether it’s a minor oversight or a life-threatening situation, the injured victim ultimately pays the price.


When the liable party accepts responsibility for the issue, people often think they don’t need a lawyer. However, an experienced attorney can assess the offer to determine if it’s fair for your specific situation. Injured individuals don’t always consider the full scope of their situation and settle for much less than they will need to deal with the problems.


An experienced personal injury attorney can help you examine the details of any settlement and how it relates to  you.  For example, if you settle now and have related medical problems in the future, the insurance company may not be responsible and would not pay for your treatment.


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