Tractor trailer on an interstate highway in the rain

As many of us hit the road for summer vacation, we will find ourselves sharing the road with a variety of commercial and passenger vehicles. These tips can help you get to your destination and back home safety.  Remember, drivers of larger vehicles must deal with added dangers because of the size and weight of their vehicle.

  • When you are driving behind large 18-wheel vehicles, make sure to stay far enough behind them so that you can see both side mirrors on the truck. If you can’t see the mirrors, the driver cannot see your vehicle.
  • Leave extra space when passing or changing lanes in front of larger vehicles. Keep in mind the larger the vehicle, the more time the driver will need to slow down or stop.
  • When a larger vehicle signals to indicate they are going to switch lanes, give them as much room as possible to do so.
  • When meeting larger vehicles on two-lane roads, keep in mind these vehicles can create large wind gusts, and large splashes in wet weather. Brace yourself for these when you see a large vehicle approaching.

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