Driving on Rural Roads has special challenges.

In West Virginia, we have no shortage of narrow two-lane roads, many of which are isolated and wind around mountains and  through valleys.  Less traffic does not always mean faster trips. Driving on these roads presents some challenges that are much different than larger interstate highways. 

Here are some tips to remember.

  • Don’t drive distracted. Pay close attention to the road and watch for sharp turns. If you need to double check directions, find a place to pull over.
  • Slow Down. Adhering to speed limits is important on narrow roads. If you are not familiar with the area, slower speeds give you more of an opportunity to anticipate turns and bends in the road.
  • Be Patient. If you encounter other vehicles on narrow roads, don’t tailgate them or drive too close. It could be a driver unfamiliar with the area. 
  • Watch for wildlife.  Deer, rabbits, and even elk in some areas often dart across less traveled roads. Be alert for these and other hazards.
  •  Don’t Rely on Your Cellphone. In many areas of West Virginia, cell service is nonexistent. So, relying on your GPS is not always the best option. If you are traveling through an unknown area, consider printing maps or directions before leaving home. Then, if your GPS fails, you have a backup.

Drive safe!