Squeezing in a road trip before school starts back? Here are some tips to make your trip fun and relaxing.

Perform Vehicle Maintenance. Before you leave on your trip, be sure to have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic you trust. Having your oil changed, belts inspected, air conditioning charged, and other general maintenance can help prevent issues on long trips. Also, be sure you have your car’s registration and insurance information stored safely in the car or on your phone.

Pack Some Emergency Supplies. While we hope nothing bad will happen on vacation, having some basic supplies can greatly help. Make sure you have jumper cables, a first aid kit, and other emergency items before leaving. If you are renting a vehicle, be sure to check for these items when picking up the vehicle.

Make a General Plan for your Trip. While some planning is important, be sure to allow time for unexpected opportunities or other things that are sure to arise. A stringently planned trip can cause stress and frustration for everyone.

Get Your Rest. Getting a good night’s sleep makes everyone happier and makes the trip more pleasant. This tip is especially important for the driver or drivers. If possible, plan to share driving responsibilities so that one person doesn’t get completely exhausted. 

Make Frequent Stops. Remember, vacation is supposed to be relaxing and refreshing. On long driving trips, be sure to make frequent stops to stretch and move a bit.

Avoid Rush Hour In Crowded Areas. Traveling through Atlanta, GA, or maybe Charlotte, NC? If possible, try to time your visit during non-peak driving times. Avoiding rush hour traffic will reduce stress and make your travels go more smoothly.

Sign Up For Traffic Alerts. Whether you use Siri, Google, or other GPS programs, having traffic alerts can save you hours of frustration and wasted time.  But, don’t count on your GPS too much. Be sure to have printed maps available for your trip as well. You never know when cell service will not be available. 

Have Fun! Remember vacations are about fun and making memories with your family. Sometimes the most unexpected events create the most lasting memories.