Potholes are a major issue on most West Virginia roadways. But, what can you do?

Every winter, West Virginia residents see their share of pot holes – some small and annoying, others large and potentially damaging.  This year, ongoing damp, rainy weather has made the problem even worse. 

Of course, avoiding the potholes is ideal, but not always practical. On smaller two-lane roads, oncoming traffic can prevent you from dodging them. Often, they literally pop up overnight, surprising drivers.

If your vehicle is damaged from pot holes, the state of West Virginia does have some funds available to help cover the bill. The state money will pay up to the amount of your insurance deductible.  If your vehicle is damaged on a city-maintained road, you will need to contact the specific city – both Charleston and Huntington have processes for reimbursing for damages. Smaller municipalities may not.

Each year, the state of West Virginia receives 750-1,000 claims related to pot hole damaging. To begin the process, drivers must file a claim for reimbursement with the West Virginia Court of Claims. The filing should include as much detail as possible about the incident, including location of the pothole, all bills and receipts. You must also include a copy of your insurance policy detailing your coverage and your deductible.  You can find more information regarding this process here: https://wchstv.com/features/eyewitness-news-i-team-investigations/pothole-victims-may-be-able-to-get-help-to-pay-for-part-of-repair-bills

If your claim is approved, it can take more than a year to receive your money.  Vehicle damage from pot holes may also lead to insurance claims asserted against your automobile insurance.   If you need assistance filing a claim for vehicle damage, contact Tammy Bowles Raines Law office for a free consultation. We will examine your case and explain your options.