We have all seen the videos and heard the horror stories. Many of us have even experienced a theft.  Online shopping is a convenient way to knock out your Christmas shopping, but how can you be sure your packages will be there when you get home in the evening?


Each year the United Postal Service delivers an estimated 1 billion packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas. While only a small percentage of those are actually stolen, here are some ways to make sure your gifts are not.


  • If possible, have your packages delivered to you at work.
  • As a neighbor who is home while you are at work to get your packages.  (Don’t forget a nice thank you gift!)
  • If it is an option, schedule your delivery at a time someone will be home to keep packages from sitting unattended for long periods of time.
  • Purchase extra insurance that requires a signature for your purchases. This option may be automatically added for higher priced items. If it is not, contact the seller to request it.
  • Set up notifications from the shipping company. Both FedEx and UPS have options to be sent texts to track shipments including delivery.
  • Install a security camera or video doorbell to monitor activity on your front porch. Often, when this technology is visibly present, thiefs will not target your home.
  • Consider purchasing a lock box for package deliveries. Your packages are out of sight and kept secure until you unlock the smart lock. Package Guardian is another technology-based solutions you can buy to safe guard your deliveries. (Learn more here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFccuUJ6r6M)

The holiday season is stressful enough! Plan for your package deliveries and eliminate some of that stress.