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Do You Know the Signs of Neglect?

When we entrust our loved one’s care to a nursing home or extended care facility, we trust the staff to take proper care of our loved one. While this is the case for many of our elderly, some, unfortunately, are neglected by their caregivers. Whether it’s caused by understaffing or simple lack of attention, neglect often goes unreported.

Planning for the Coming Year

As we dive into the new year, it’s a natural tendency to reflect on the prior year and plan for the coming one. 

Whether it’s professional or personal goals, we all can take a few minutes to think about the coming months. A new year can mean a new situation and a new outlook.   Maybe you want to focus on family, finances, or health in the coming year.  Whatever your focus, take a few minutes to write down some goals.  These goals don’t have to be complicated or involved. Here are some tips to get you started:

What Should I do if I’m Hurt While Shopping?

When customers visit a retail store, such as a grocery store, clothing store, or salon, we expect to have a safe, pleasant experience. For the most part, most retailers meet this basic expectation. However, many customers are injured each year, often because of the store’s negligence.

Whether it’s a slippery floor, faulty stairs or broken door mechanism, stores are responsible for ensuring their environment is safe and hazard-free.