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Planning Your Holiday Getaway

If you are planning a family getaway for this December, planning is key to making the trip fun and stress-free for everyone. Here’s a few tips when traveling with little ones:

Send Gifts Ahead.  Traveling by plane to Grandma’s for Christmas? Ship presents ahead of time. Better yet, if you shop online, have the gifts shipped to a relative who can wrap them for you. Staying at a rental? Call the agency to ask about shipping policies.

There Are Many Forms of Distracted Driving and All Are Dangerous!

According to government statistics, more than a 1,000 people are injured each year because of distracted driving. Distracted driving is considered anything that takes the driver’s attention away from their vehicle or the road. This can include:

Visual Distractions: Taking your eyes off the road

Manual Distractions: Removing your hands from the steering wheel

Mental Distractions:  Taking your mind off driving

Employee Rights: Your Final Paycheck

When you leave a job either voluntarily or involuntarily, your employer is required to give you a final paycheck in a timely manner. According to West Virginia employment laws, employers are required to pay wages earned on or before the next payroll cycle. This rule applies to both resigning employees and terminated employees.

If an employee resigns without notice or is terminated, he/she is entitled to receive their final paycheck either on the next pay date or within four working days, whichever comes first.