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Slip and Fall Injuries

Each year in West Virginia, many emergency room visits are caused by slip and falls. Whether it’s an obvious broken bone, or a less obvious sprain, these injuries can be painful. They can also be expensive – including the emergency room visit and other medical bills and lost wages.


Why Do I Need An Attorney?

You’ve been involved in a car wreck. Through no fault of your own, your new car is now seriously damaged and is not drivable. The other person’s insurance company has agreed to providing a rental car for you and seem to be concerned with your health. So, you don’t need an attorney, right?

Fall Driving Tips

With the change of season comes falling leaves, rain, and slick roadways, as well as other hazards. Preventing wrecks can require a little extra attention during the fall season. Here are some things to remember to keep you and your family safe: