According to West Virginia laws, when a policy holder files a claim under his or her insurance policy, the insurer has certain obligations to the Insured to act with good faith in handling that claim. During times of crisis, insurance should be there for you.  Here are some of the situations that may require the filing of an insurance claim:

•          Health Crisis such as COVID-19

•          Auto Accidents

•          House Fire

•          Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods and other Natural Disasters

Several times in our life, a new crisis demands our attention. An auto accident, a house fire, a natural disaster or a medical crisis such as the most recent pandemic, COVID-19, can be devastating to most families.  However, the financial burden in many of these situations can be lessened by an insurance policy that you purchased.  


An Insurance Company has a duty to fully investigate your claim, and provide you with all of the necessary information so you can protect your claim under the policy. Additionally, the company must communicate and promptly pay your claim if it is in fact found valid. When Insurance Companies fail to promptly communicate with you, investigate your claim, or pay a valid claim, the Insurance Company can be held responsible.


If you believe you have been a victim of your Insurance Company not honoring their duty, contact Tammy Bowles Raines Law Office, PLLC for a free consultation to see if you have a claim against your Insurance Company as you deserve full compensation for your loss.