While it is true that most workers injured on the job can collect workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries, WV law also allows an injured worker to file a lawsuit against their employer in certain situations. 

If an employer exposes an employee to a known workplace hazard, they may be able to bring a claim for personal injury damages in addition to workers compensation benefits.   The law in this area is complex, and workers need to know they have rights when it comes to serious workplace injuries.  

According to the US Dept of Labor Statistics, serious workplace injuries and death are more common in some industries than others.   In 2015, WV reported workplace fatalities that resulted from three main incidents:  transportation injuries; injuries from contact with objects and equipment, and falls, slips, or trips and exposure to harmful substances or environments.  Nationally, transportation injuries were the most frequent fatal workplace events in 2015. 

These types of dangerous and deadly disasters can arise in the tractor-trailer/ hauling industry; construction work and extraction industries like coal mining and natural gas.    Many of these serious injuries are preventable and employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace to all employees and others on their property. 

If you have been injured on the job, contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free consultation to see if you have a claim against your employer as an injured worker deserves full compensation for their injuries.