If you are planning a family getaway for this December, planning is key to making the trip fun and stress-free for everyone. Here’s a few tips when traveling with little ones:

Send Gifts Ahead.  Traveling by plane to Grandma’s for Christmas? Ship presents ahead of time. Better yet, if you shop online, have the gifts shipped to a relative who can wrap them for you. Staying at a rental? Call the agency to ask about shipping policies.

Ship Other Necessities When Possible. Need diapers? Baby formula? Order ahead and have them delivered to your relative’s home or rental property. 

Plan Packing. Keep a list of easily forgotten items such as toy chargers, batteries, bath necessities, or special toys.  Pack only essential items when traveling by air. 

Purchase Gifts That Travel Well. Keep in mind your travel arrangements when selecting gifts this year. o Include a few small items t o entertain your children on the return trip. Coloring books, puzzles, and card games can help a long trip go more smoothly.

With a little planning, your family getaway will be a fun adventure for everyone!