When we entrust our loved one’s care to a nursing home or extended care facility, we trust the staff to take proper care of our loved one. While this is the case for many of our elderly, some, unfortunately, are neglected by their caregivers. Whether it’s caused by understaffing or simple lack of attention, neglect often goes unreported.

Do you know the signs to look for? While the following do not always indicate an issue, further investigation should be done to determine if there is a problem.

·      Broken bones

·      Unexplained bruising or cuts

·      Bed sores or rashes

·      Frequent illnesses or infections

·      Signs of dehydration

·      Unexplained Emotional Outbursts

·      Changes in personality, withdrawal

·      Unexplained weight loss

·      Degraded physical appearance or lack of cleanliness


The winter months can be some of the most difficult for loved ones residing in a nursing home, with relatives often unable to visit because of weather conditions or other obligations that prevent travel.  If you visit your loved one in a nursing home, be sure to speak with some other residents such as roommates or those gathering for meals to ensure their needs are also being met.

If you suspect your loved one or someone else is being neglected in an extended care facility, contact the facility administrator with your specific concerns. If these concerns are not taken seriously, and changes make in the person’s care, contact our office for a free consultation.