You’ve been involved in an auto accident. Through no fault of your own, you have been injured and your vehicle had serious damage.  The other driver has admitted he caused the crash.  His insurance company is cooperating. So do you really need a lawyer?

The simple answer is yes.  While they may appear to be assisting you, the representative from the at-fault insurance company is looking out for the best interest of the company and his customer (the other driver). 

Are they paying for everything that should be covered? How can you be sure their offer is fair?  What happens in the future if you experience more health issues? Who will look out for your best interests? What happens next?

The legal process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when you are recuperating from injuries. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side gives you peace of mind that you will be protected.

While you may deal with accidents one or two times in your lifetime, Tammy Bowles Raines deals with them every day. She and her staff know the details that need to be addressed and the questions that need to be answered. Make sure you receive the compensation you deserve, and all of your costs are covered.

If you’re not sure your case requires an attorney, contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free consultation. She will give you an objective view of your situation.