Work-related injuries sideline many employees each year. These injuries can range from minor inconveniences to major life-changing events. Understanding the most common injuries and how to prevent them can help keep you safe.

Overexertion – When you are lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying objects, overexertion can be the result. Employers should provide the proper training and equipment to minimize the risk of injuries from these physical tasks. If your job requires these types of physical tasks, be sure you understand the proper way to perform them and keep yourself safe.

If you are in a job requiring repetitive motions, there are guidelines to help you reduce the possibility of injuries. However, almost anyone can be injured by a repetitive motion. injury. Frequent breaks and ergonomic adjustments can go a long way in keeping employees safe.

Falls – Loose wires, wet floors and other hazards are a common cause of injury both on and off the job. If you are using a ladder, be sure you are using the right kind of equipment safely.

Keeping work areas clean and clear of clutter and debris is an important part of reducing falls. Be sure floors are cleaned routinely and make sure all areas are well lit.

Being Struck By An Object – Being struck by a falling object is a leading cause of death in many work sites according to OSHA,  but especially in the construction industry. Staying alert and following all safety guidelines can reduce the possibility of an incident.

Employees and employers share the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment and reducing injuries. If you think you were injured on the job due to someone else’s negligence because of your employer’s actions, contact Tammy Bowles Raines for a free consultation.